What is odd and even in betting

In sports betting, there are a large number of different strategies and possible outcomes. For those who do not bet for fun, but are trying to make money in this direction, it is simply necessary to study all the features of the strategies. One of the most popular is the even-odd strategy. And we decided to consider all the features of such a solution and figure out What is odd and even in betting.

What are even odd bets

This type of bet is placed on Total, i.e. number of goals in a match. Accordingly, in the very name of the technique, you can see that bets are placed on an even or odd number.

For example, if a player bets on even and the match ends with a score of 1:3, then the bet wins, and if the score was 0:1, then it already loses. At the same time, such bets can be made in several ways, for the entire match as a whole, for separate halves, for the total score or for each team.

It is also possible to bet on the number of corners, yellow cards and a host of other events.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that bookmakers often lay a very high margin on such bets. Therefore, it does not make sense to play on statistics here; at a long distance, this option can lead to a loss of the bank.

But at the same time, there are certain strategies that help to minimize risks and get some profit.

odd and even betting strategies

The choice of strategy, and in general its formation, depends on several factors, namely:

  1. The level of team play.
  2. The nature of the struggle.
  3. Statistics of past meetings.

Given this, you can choose one of several strategies, which we will discuss later.

Odd difference

The first strategy is a kind of fork. It looks like this:

In the first match, a bet is made on a draw and odd.

  1. If there is a draw, then the player can get a win at a good odds, losing money on the second bet.
  2. If there is a victory for one of the teams, then with a high degree of probability it will be exactly odd, where the odds are on average about 2, and it will turn out to beat off the bet on a draw.

For such a bet, confrontations of approximately equal teams are suitable, for example, those who are next door in the standings and the gap is no more than 3 points. For such matches, such a fork almost always comes in, since the teams are equal in strength and are fighting for their victory. As a result, either a draw is obtained, or the difference is 1 goal.


The second strategy is a catch-up game. That is, the better chooses one team and watches its matches, betting on even or odd in each of them. But this approach is quite dangerous, since you can get into a long losing streak, as well as the lack of a pot to wager.

To increase the chance of winning in such a bet, it is better to consider closed teams of low-scoring championships.

They quite often play in a draw, and if they lose or win, then usually with a minimum difference of 1 goal.

Thus, you can use the first strategy, and in the future put a catch-up, which should bring winnings.

Safety Express

This is a rather interesting tactic, for which you first need to collect 5-7 events in an accumulator and bet only on even or, conversely, odd. After the matches are collected, with the beginning of each of the meetings that are selected, you need to make an ordinary, i.e. single bet on the opposite outcome.

You need to bet as many times and such amounts to cover the difference between the loss on the express itself and the previous bets that did not go in.

The developer of the strategy says that he himself, using such a technique, extremely rarely even reaches the 5th match, since the bet often plays up to 4 matches.

Advantages and disadvantages of odd/even betting

Using strategies to bet on such an event has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Among the advantages are:

  1. A simple strategy that even beginners can handle.
  2. The strategy itself is somewhat unpredictable, but at the same time quite profitable.
  3. The ability to create combined bets using additional strategies, which allows you to get a profit at a distance.

There are also some downsides, including:

  1. High margin bookmakers. On average, it is 5 percent or more.
  2. Quite a big risk.
  3. Small coefficients. Usually they do not exceed 2.0. Therefore, the risk of losing money when playing catch-up returns.

These are just a few of the highlights to pay attention to. In general, the use of such a strategy has certain advantages, but its disadvantages are also significant. Therefore, it is worth taking a responsible approach to this issue and not making bets thoughtlessly. In addition, for starters, you should select the best matches for yourself and be able to analyze them, because without this you will only lose money and nothing more.