What is reverse betting

Sports are an absolutely unpredictable field, and betting is a rather risky activity, since you can lose your money at any moment. But professional bettors develop and apply various strategies that help to save their funds, minimize losses and even earn money. And one of these strategies can be called “counter-move”. But to understand how it works, you should first understand What is reverse betting.

What are reverse rates?

A reverse bet, or a bookmaker’s fork, is a bet on opposite events, using different bookmakers for this. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the odds for events should be such that if one bet is lost, the second one brings profit and covers losses.

Such bets can be for any opposite events, including:

  1. On the result of the match (victory of one of the teams).
  2. Handicap.
  3. To the total.
  4. Goals.

And much more. In general, wherever there are opposite outcomes, such bets can be applied. The main thing is to consider offers with high odds.

The essence of the betting strategy

The method of betting on the “counter-move” strategy is quite simple:

  • The player makes an express bet, including 3-4 events in it. It is important that they play at different times, and not go in parallel.
  • If the first and second events played successfully, then you can insure your investments.
  • In this case, a bet is made on the opposite outcome from the last event.

In this case, the rate coefficient should be such as to cover the costs.

To calculate such a bet, there is even a special formula S x E/K, where S is the bet on the express, E and K are the odds of the express and counter move, respectively.

By making such a bet, the player can be sure that regardless of the outcome, he will receive a win.

Reverse Betting Examples

As an example, consider the following situation. The player made a bet on 3 matches, choosing in each of them the victory of one of the teams with odds of 1.9, 1.8 and 1.5.

The total odds are 5.2 and if you bet 100 euros, then the potential profit will be 520. If the first and second events come in, then there is time between matches to bet on the opposite team in the third event. The coefficient of the bet is 1.9, which means that you need to correctly calculate the size of the bet.

According to the formula, we substitute the values: 100 * 5.2 / 1.9. The total bet will be 273 Euro. The total cost of bets is 373 Euro. At the same time, the user remains in the black guaranteed:

  1. In the first case, if the accumulator plays, he will receive 520 Euro.
  2. If the express does not work, then the winnings will be the same size.

The only thing is that in the first case you get 140 Euros, and in the second 146 net profit.

As a result, you get a reliable safety net for your express bet.

Another counter strategy

In addition to the previous one, there is an additional strategy for betting on reverse outcomes. It is suitable if you do not have large financial resources.

If the user is sure that the last event will play, then you can choose the second option of the counter move.

Here, if in the first case the rate was calculated in such a way as to make a profit in any case, then in the second situation it acts solely to cover expenses.

This rate is calculated according to the formula S / (K-1). Using it, you can see a profit of 111 Euros, which covers the funds spent.

If we take the calculation, we get:

  1. In the first option, the winnings from the accumulator will be 513 Euros or 302 excluding all costs.
  2. If the parlay is lost and the workaround is triggered, the profit will be 211, and minus the costs, there will be nothing left.

Therefore, it is worth being as vigilant as possible when using sports betting and not believing everything that is written on the network.

Why choose a reliable bookmaker?

Opposite or reverse bets are also quite a risky tactic, which brokers do not always approve of. Therefore, the user needs to create accounts with different bookmakers and work secretly, taking into account the possible exchange of information between bookmakers. Therefore, here you need to select even several companies that will help you deal with the peculiarities of rates and start making them.

When choosing a bookmaker, consider:

  1. How long has the project been running, is there official registration and licenses.
  2. What is the reputation of the project. Pay special attention to blocking due to forking on bets.
  3. What features and bonuses the user offers.

And these are just a few factors that must be taken into account. Therefore, if you want to try making reverse bets, then you need to find a reliable project and start working on it.

And if you have questions about betting strategies or others, our experts will always answer them and help you solve them. It remains only to register and start making the first bets.